Reef x M.W = Party

- All tomorrow's parties.

In Los Angeles there’s always a party. It’s funny, liver-wilting and is best to pretend that another excuse to drink is the new norm. No harm, no foul — as they say…

Last night at General Admission Reef displayed their second collab with Japanese designer Masafumi Watanabe (founder of high fashion co: Bedwin and the Heartbreakers). An exclusive line geared towards the modern traveler... who these days is also an Insta celeb – got to be chic! Tokyo’s an epicenter for high-fashion, clean design and staggering neon-scapes reminiscent of "that one rave you went to" and Venice is a strange mix of affluent youth, surf, skate, street and transients. Seems to be a proper place for the culture collision.

The party dropped in traditional gentrified-Venice fashion: an Organic Food Truck, beverages supplied by House Beer and more bottles of tequila then the crowd could drink. The DJ held his headphones and kicked disco-house while folks loosened up, mingled and chatted up MW. Good times were inevitable, social lubrication took form, pretty girls were woo'd and we'll wait another 24 hours for the next excuse. 

Written by Morgan Williamson. All photos: Matt Smith