In the 1970’s, numerous families were evicted from their homes to extend the runway at LAX. Eminent domain can be rough. This difficult forfeiture did leave behind one positive thing: empty pools that served as a training ground for our friend Pat Ngoho. In this wasteland of federal property Pat perfected his flawless style of skateboarding. We call him the Gerry Lopez of four wheels and unsurprisingly, he happens to be a Venice resident. Thanks to his surroundings, Mr. Ngoho has figured out how to live a creative life to the fullest. At an age of maybe over 47, Pat gets paid to travel the world and ride his skateboard, create art in his Venice Canal adjacent studio, and produce the “Love and Guts” art shows with his peers, the forefathers of skateboarding. These reasons, plus the fact that he looks damn good in the GA Brooks Woven, make him perfect for our Men of Venice series.
1. What does it mean to be a man?
To recognize and come to grips with your inner being who “I” really am not some contrived corporate produced avatar that is plastic and sterile.

2. What does it mean to be a man in Venice?
Venice is a creative hub, it is a community of expression and celebration and being a man and by balancing and recognizing the relationship of the masculine and the feminine is a rich spring to draw creative inspiration from.

3. When have you felt most masculine?
I have felt the most masculine when I can feel that within a culture there is a balance and a fairness between men and women, masculine and feminine, both complimenting each other.

Photos and interview by Matt Smith.