From A Fans Perspective: The Photography of Kevin Salk

When it comes to documentation of cultures, Los Angeles has no shortage of amazing photographers and filmakers who were right there capturing moments in time that would go on to influence much of how the modern world looks and acts. It’s through these lenses that society was exposed to many of the golden states sub-cultures. From the early days of surfing captured by Leroy Grannis, the 70’s skate scene in Venice from Craig Stecyck III, or the best of the 80’s music scene by Glen E. Freidman.
But sometimes these moments aren’t captured by professional photographers, sometimes it’s just a regular kid who was at the right place at the right time. Enter Kevin Salk, in the early 80’s Kevin was an angry alienated teenager from Manhattan Beach, CA. One of the only Jewish kids growing up in the now affluent beach community he never felt like he fit in. Coming from a divorced household he distracted himself with Surfing, Skating and going to shows like any common kid in the Southland. Armed with a point and shoot 35mm camera this is where Kevin captured some of the most iconic moments in Los Angeles music history. Not as a photographer, but as a fan. Kevin only shot a handful of shows before he packed up and moved to college in Arizona and never went to another show for next 30 years.
Fast forward to current day Kevin is over 50, father of two and living in the South Bay with his girlfriend. His work was recently discovered by FATHOM GALLERY in Santa Monica, CA who now represents him in the fine art world. Specializing in corporate retirement plans as his career for most of his adult life, he says that revisiting photography thanks to FATHOM has brought back some of the best memories of his youth and he will keep showing this body of work and working on a coffee table book featuring more of his imagery.
From Black Flag, to Circle Jerks, to the Misfits, Minor Threat and more. Kevin’s work feels raw and relatable mainly because it’s all from a perspective of a fan. Being at the right place at the right time with the right tunes.
All images courtsey of Kevin Salk and Fathom Gallery
Keith Morris (Circle Jerks) Goleta Community Center, Santa Barbara, CA 1/21/83


Bill Stevenson (Black Flag) Westwood Federal Building, Westwood, CA  7/4/83


Milo (Descendents) Mi Casita, Torrance, CA 1/14/83

Jerry Only (The Misfits) Goleta Community Center, Goleta, CA  1/21/83



Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat) Cathy de Grande, Hollywood, CA  Circa 1982


Jerry Only (The Misfits) Goleta Community Center, Goleta, CA  1/21/83


Henry Rollins (Black Flag) Westwood Federal Building, Westwood, CA,  7/4/83

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