GA Kinda Spring Sorta Summer 20

We made some great stuff with some great friends in the beginning of March. We planned on releasing an amazingly designed and considered collection. One that captured the complete essence of GA from colors to fabrics to fits and washes. Even the crew of friends we chose to shoot. It all felt synergistic. Then the pandemic hit, store closed, production stopped, the world slowed down. So we thought damn, now what? If these last few months proved anything it’s that you guys have our backs no matter what. You’ve kept us alive during these hard times and we couldn’t thank you enough. Now that everything is slowly slowly returning to a newer normal we wanted to share our campaign with you.
General Admission ‘Kinda Spring, Sorta Summer’ is just that. Our Spring was spent inside and who knows what Summer will look like but as long as we have your support we’re still gonna be doing our thing. New items will start releasing next week. Some got cut, some got delayed but that’s just life. Look out for more details.
General Admission
Kinda Spring Sorta Summer 20
Photography: @keithoshiro
Styling: @savannakc
Photo Assistant: @three60s