Kris Yenbamroong of Night+Market

When we're looking for somebody to feature we always ask, "who's doing cool shit? Who would we hang out with? Are they nice?" Those questions lead us down a path of local to global personas paving the way in their own lane and being authentic in their craft. Kris Yenbamroong is the head chef and owner of Night+Market, an institution in unique Thai food and Natural Wine. Located in 3 of LA's hippest neighborhoods Kris is synonymous with the food scene in Los Angeles and one of the raddest dudes we know. Prior to Covid-19 we got to hang out and shoot this feature at Night+Market Sahm, located on Lincoln blvd and his home a few blocks away where he lives and runs operations out of with his wife Sara.
Unaware that shortly after this both our businesses would be affected by a government closure of non-essential businesses we have found new ways to operate and ride this out. Night+Market is currently offering curated natural wine packages for delivery. Each week is a new selection of wines that vary in prices. For more info you can email or follow on instagram @NTMRKT to stay up to date on their offerings.
Kris also included one of his favorite recipe's for a Strip Club Fried Rice
A dish reminiscent of menu items you'd find at a late night Thai strip club. 
See below

Servings: 2

Prep: 30 minutes

Total: 30 minutes


for the wiener blossoms:

1 pack of wieners (see Chef's Tip)

1 bottle of "Sauce Prik" (see Chef's Tip)

1 bottle of ketchup

white vinegar

canola oil

for the fried rice:

canola oil

1/2 cup frozen peas & carrots

350 grams cooked jasmine rice

2 tablespoons Maggi seasoning sauce

1 teaspoon granulated sugar


50 grams raisins

1 large egg

2 slices lunch meat ham

3 wiener blossoms (see above)

2-3 fried chicken wings (use your favorite recipe or buy from Popeye's)

finely ground white pepper, to taste



1) For the wiener blossoms, slice each wiener in half to form two mini wieners. On the flat end of the mini wiener, slice down the middle towards the round end. Go about half way or just a tad more than half. Roll the wiener 90 degrees and slice again. The idea is that you are scoring the wiener with a deep x, or 2 perpendicular lines that intersect right in the center of the wiener, thereby creating 4 petals or legs. Into a Dutch oven, wok, or heavy-bottomed pan, pour canola oil until about 2/3 full. Heat the oil to 360 degrees Fahrenheit. Fry the wieners in batches by lowering a few at a time into the oil, then lifting them out with a wire strainer once the petals bloom outward (about 30 seconds). For the sauce, whisk 1 part sauce prik to 1 part ketchup. Whisk in 1 tablespoon of white vinegar per cup of the other ingredients. For example, if you mix 1 cup sauce prik with 1 cup ketchup, whisk in 2 tablespoons of white vinegar. Set aside.

2) For the fried rice, in a wok over high heat, heat 1/4 cup canola oil. When the oil starts to smoke, throw in the frozen peas & carrots. Stir regularly and cook for about 30 seconds.

3) Add the rice and toss with the peas and carrots. Cook the rice for about a minute, then add the maggie seasoning sauce and sugar. Stir. Squeeze in ketchup to taste—about 2 tablespoons is good. Stir until everything is incorporated. Throw in the raisins. These go in last because you don't want them getting soggy. Scoop out the rice and set aside.

4) Grease up your egg ring mold with cooking spray or oil. Crack an egg into the mold on a completely flat oiled pan over low-medium heat. If any egg leaks from the bottom of the mold, just trim the unruly strands that form. You want this egg to look like it was made in a factory. Remove the egg along with any excess oil, then heat the two slices of ham in the same pan over medium heat just until warm.

5) Using a small dome-shaped mold or small bowl, plate the rice. Place the egg over the fried rice dome and garnish with a few shakes of finely-ground white pepper. Roll the two slices of ham into cones and place beside the rice. Place the 3 wiener blossoms next to the ham, and the fried chicken wings wherever there's room. Feel free to get creative with the plating here. 

Chef's Tips: - Wiener blossoms can be made with any type of hot dog, but the recipe really works best with pork and chicken or pork and turkey blend wieners. You want to taste the sodium and nitrates. Beefy dogs don't taste as good in this context. - "Sauce Prik" is a pretty generic term for any sauce that's kind of spicy, bottled and sold next to ketchup in a Thai supermarket. It will range from something like sweet sriracha to what you might think is watered-down orange marmalade with garlic and chiles chopped into it. That's the kind you want for this recipe. Some stores will sell it under the name "BBQ chicken sauce.”