There's a spot just east of Lincoln and North of Venice blvd where you can get the best ding repair guaranteed in the Los Angeles Area. This isn't a factory or surf shop with C grade knowledge and some teenager squirting resin everywhere, this is Massie's Ding Repair ran by Rick Massie himself, a legend in and out of the water. Don't let the backyard setting fool you, Rick is a master of his craft and is more knowledgeable than anyone around. His work is art and you can tell by the way he speaks of materials and techniques. This isn't something you can learn on youtube or from a DIY kit, this is years of experience from surfing to sweeping floors. His dojo and his craft deserve the level of respect as any blacksmith or sculptor would receive. If you know how to get ahold of him you better bring cash and a six pack of Modelo with you. If not just keep asking around till someone points you in the right direction. 

Our on going partnership with Massie Ding Repair features a new graphic tee and snap back. Proceeds from the sale go directly to Rick himself. Click here to shop

Click here to shop