Monster Children x Globe Launch

As I was drove to the shop this morning everything seemed different or a little strange. The usually bustling street of Abbot Kinney was quiet and desolate, shutters were closed and Venice looked like it's towns people had packed up and left in a hurry because of a zombie apocalypse. Turns out it was just because everyone was extremely hung over from our party last night. Last night we partied in the name of Monster Children and Globe. Two friends came together and created a wonderful little collection of clothing. They launched it at General Admission and build our pop-up space around the collection. back to the party, we'll just say this about it, 700 tacos, 30 bottle of Jose Cuervo and 480 House Beers gone in a blink of an eye. 

Check out the pics below and if you haven't seen the collection yet jump in over here

All photos by Aiden Cullen