Slow Motion with Soulland

A few weeks ago someone ran into the shop asked if he could speak to the manager, or whoever was in charge of GA events. Usually I pretend I'm not there so I can get some work done but the voice calling from the bottom of the stairs piqued my interest. It had that sorta east coast flair you hear out of rappers and the attitude of someone that grew up in Brooklyn or the Bronx pre 2000's. But, it also had this sincere nervous sounding giggle that softened the persons persona. From our office or birdcage as we call it I came down the stairs and met Ohene Cornelius. Ohene stands a few inches taller than my 6'3 frame and let me know he was traveling through California in a camper van he had just bought. He said he was a musician and would be performing around the golden state. He wanted to see if we had any events coming up he could perform at. Mesmerized by his charisma I said yes, before even asking what type of music he played. After a couple days had gone by I text him and asked what kind of music he played and if he had anything I could listen to. A few hours later I received the below youtube video via text. Oh fuck, I thought, the video is wild in the best way possible but I wasn't so sure how it would go over at Soulland's event. It was either going to be a disaster or glorious. It was the latter and Ohene Cornelius aka Dj Cornball rocked our parking lot and put on a show to remember for our friends from Denmark. 

The booze flowed and the music pumped as we ascended into nights fog.

A big thanks to Jacob and Silas from Soulland, Jose Cuervo, House Beer, Dj Cornball and Chase Hodgsen and the boys from Waxx Fm for the good times and laughs.

The pop-up go's until April 15, but the product won't last that long. 

All photos by Lyon Heron