Take A Trip With Us: Aidan Cullen

We've known Aidan since he was a wee grom shopping at the store with his dad. From then till now Aidan has built an impressive resume working with the best brands and best artists showing a work ethic that trumps most people twice his age. We stopped by his new Hollywood home and flipped the camera on him and asked him a few questions. Take a trip with us to Aidan's house.
How old are you, where are you from and where are you currently?
20, I'm from LA- specifically Santa Monica and Venice. I Now live between Hollywood and Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Currently in LA during quarantine season.
Favorite projects you’ve recently worked on:
Creative directing Trippie Redd's album rollout, taking photos of Dr. Dre, and working on Sahbabii's album cover + latest music video.
What have you been doing to stay inspired?
Watching movies and TV shows, going on long walks and hikes and thinking, listening to music.
Favorite film to shoot on?
Portra 400 for both 35mm and 120mm.
Who are you looking forward to working with in the future?
Hmm, man I want to work with so many people. I actually made a list last night of mad people I want to work with, but just taking stuff day by day and seeing what happens. Too many to name. I like to just let the work speak for itself when its released.
Go to spot for take out or delivery right now?
I get Zankou chicken take out all the time, it's near the crib and quick. I'm a very plain eater and honestly I eat white rice and chicken probably everyday and Zankou does it well haha.
Who deserves a shout out?
Clocked Inc. !