Take A Trip With Us: Theo Martins

When I think of breakfast these days a few options come to mind: Breakfast burrito? Definitely. Overpriced Avocado toast? Sometimes. 2 egg breakfast combo at your favorite diner maybe? But what about our old friend Cereal? Just like an old friend growing up that you rarely think about, Cereal in recent years has been forgotten and replaced by more health conscious options and abandoned by the millions of you who don’t deem it cool or insta worthy. In East Hollywood, CA not far from the Scientology Center on Fountain Avenue, a street hype mags have dubbed the “Next Fairfax” lies Office and Gallery. Our friend Theo Martins can be found there working on one of his many creative outlets and most recently a cereal brand aptly named Cereal & Such. C&S is a 100% plant based cereal that is re-conceptualizing the narrative around how we think of cereal and reminding you of simpler times. We popped in to see what Theo was up to and how he’s making cereal cool again.
Explain Cereal & Such to someone who’s never heard of it.
Cereal & Such is Cereal company. We launched in May of 2017 as a concept cereal bar in East Hollywood, parenting with NIKE, Footaction, Apple on the programming we built around what we felt about Cereal in modern times.
When did you first think of this concept?
I’ve loved Cereal forever. Right around the time I launched Posture I was in need of an office and a space that felt communal. A place where I could work and play. Cereal was something I held closely to me through my upbringing as a first generation Nigerian kid and it felt right. It’s taken on a life of it’s own at this point but the day I opened I knew making our own cereal was the foundation to build our brand upon.
What made you want to approach something like making cereal, and have it be a part of the breakfast conversation again?
It’s a good opportunity to adjust something that needs it. It’s something I’m very informed about and it’s interesting to inject your identity of what you believe into a product. Cereal & such is my attempt to shift the conversation about cereal: it’s beyond a breakfast meal & it’s not just for children. From the ingredients we use to the packaging to the messaging, it’s all very intentional.
Collaborations are everywhere these days how do you apply them to food?
Collaborations are like having a conversation. They can be brief, they can be in passing and they also can be full of depth. I try approaching our collaboration like that: very fluidly. Beyond making cereal we also are a platform for music, art, and culture. There are many ways of collaboration beyond what we’ve explored in the recent years.
Community and telling meaningful stories is something we both share and care about. How does it play a roll in C&S?
It’s integral. We aren’t in any stores at this moment aside from our own shop and online. We’re speaking directly to the people who are listening. The day we launched we oversold for two months and that was mainly to our existing Cereal bar community. It’s beyond just buying cereal, they identity with us why we do what we do. We had many tastings before we launched and our friends and community were all asked to give notes. Good or bad it was important to hear it all, because it’s integral to us.
What can we expect next from you?
Every month we’ll be releasing special edition Cereal boxes, each includes a T-Shirt & a toy inside. We’ll be expanding to a few stores in California before expanding East. Our Cereal bar relaunches next month as well. You’ll be able to come and buy a box from us directly.
Lastly, when we doing a cereal party in Venice?
I’ve been waiting for you to ask. Let’s do it.
Theo wears the General Admission Carpenter Pant and Mechanics Jacket in Natural