The 3rd Annual Venice Brooks Fest

'I've been better, but I can't think of when' - Shane Stedman                                                                  

Maybe it was the soothing voice of Ranking Joe... or the endless flow of House Beer... or the Brooks Ave neighbor handing out ounces of weed to anyone with a hand and five fingers... or all of the above. 

Hey, what better way to spend a Sunday?

On Sunday, we held our 3rd Annual Venice Brooks Festival. What was once a dirty party in our adjacent parking lot the next year turned into a street festival and this year it took on a life of its own. Like the Blob, but there were no civilian casualties, short of an early night in bed on Sunday, and a slight Monday hangover. This year we had 25 of Venice Beach's best brands and stores, 10k people and some of the best reggae music LA has to offer. As the sun set and sky turned purple, reggae legend Ranking Joe and his crew of Rastas sung away and helped us all forget that Monday was looming. 

A special thanks to the tenants and neighbors of Brooks Ave, the community of Venice Beach,  all of our awesome vendors, George from the VCC, Ralph and Maria Zimman, Nicole and Jen and their entire team from Fiore Designs, Osamu and Chase for curating the music, Nico and the crew from Venice Ball, Siren Studios, Juice Served Here and The Owls Brew for the delicious mixers, the team from GA and most of all our sponsors, House Beer, HMBLDT, Redbull and our presenting sponsor TOKR for helping us make the day possible. 

Video by Kevin Jansen / All photos shot by Dara Danenberg