Tony Ferguson and Rone @ General Admission

Every now and then something pure and unique sprouts from the monotony and clutter of footwear. When professional skateboarder Tony Ferguson first announced that he was launching Rone, a brand that focuses on luxury footwear we knew we had to have it. The much anticipated and highly desired brand can now be found on the West Side at 52 Brooks. 

This past Saturday night, Rone took over our pop-up area that included a ramp to showcase their naturally-tanned leather hightop and lowtop shoes. We also designed a zine and incorporated an art show that featured iconic photographers Mike O'Meally, Atiba Jefferson and Giovani Reda. To set the pace of the night Tony got his good pals, The Black Outs to spin some beats. The tequila flowed, people laughed and we all got lost in Rone’s beautiful handmade leather shoes. If you haven't had a chance to see them yet swing on by, grab a zine and acquaint yourself with luxury leather. 

 A big thanks to Jose Cuervo and House Beer for the support. 

All photos by Lyon Herron