Bomber Plane Bucket
Bomber Plane Bucket

Bomber Plane Bucket

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Our collaboration with Santa Monica Airlines is one rooted on the romanticised 19070's on the west side of Los Angeles. Skip Engblom, one of the true sculptors of early counter culture started shaping skate decks in the back of the Zephyr Surfshop in Santa Monica, CA in 78'. From there the roots of the modern skate industry was born. Nurturing talents such as Natas Kaupas, Steve Rocco, and Jesse Martinez the fore fathers of street skating, paved the way for a multitude of brands sprouting branches from this very tree. We wanted to honor the humble beginnings of one of our favorite eras of the culture by applying SMA's iconic graphic language with our casual silhouettes reinterpreting the history and sharing with a new generation today.

- 100% cotton lined/ 100% nylon shell

- bomber print lined

- nylon outer shell

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