Our home 52 Brooks Ave is an iconic building in the Venice community. At the crossroads of Abbot Kinney-fashion, Boardwalk-circus and the timeless Pacific Coast Highway, 52 Brooks is where the Californian coast meets Los Angeles. Built in 1922 as a retail compound off PCH, the structure went through an occupational evolution. Beatniks had the building in the 60’s, surfboard shapers in the 70’s and Timothy Leary dwelled there in the 80’s. Partially abandoned in the 90’s, it transformed into a virtual boarded-up brick mural for famous street artists of the 2000’s. Brushed or spray painted for nearly two decades, General Admission opened its doors in August of 2015, and since then has become a beacon in the community, shedding light upon the once-neglected street of Brooks.

This is the story about Jim Morrison dropping acid with Dr Timothy Leary in our shop (well, the high probability of it).