General Admission x Garrett Leight

Inspired by retro days of private coastal clubs, our membership requires no sign up, no sponsorships, and is inclusive to all. Leisure is the only common goal within our walls. This capsule collection features classic General Admission silhouettes adorned with custom, hand stitched embroideries and colorful screen prints in the iconic Garrett Leight palette. From corduroy shorts, breathable tees, and lightweight jackets to accessories like a summer bucket hat and an oversized beach tote bag, the set includes all the items needed to enjoy your day in the sun. And no summer capsule would be complete without a luxurious, heavyweight velour towel. Each item has been custom dyed and washed to resemble a natural sun bleach, usually attained through years of wear. Designed in Venice Beach and Made In Los Angeles, the “California Country Club” is a state of mind to take with you wherever you are this summer.